international digital agency focused on

Results, in every language

Our promise

helping clients win customer both at home and abroad by combining international strategy, design, development and online marketing.

Mission Statement

No matter your latitude, longitude, language or locale, our international team of problem-solvers will work tirelessly to grow your business and elevate your brand in the global marketplace. This means smart design backed by the latest web technologies. Marketing campaigns tailored to multicultural audiences. Business strategy that reaches, nurtures, and converts more customers, in more places, with more impact.

Our Values

  • Measurable results
  • Simplicity
  • Transparency
  • Accountability
  • Proven processes

We Pursue

  • Business growth
  • New boundaries
  • Creative ideas
  • Meaningful, lasting relationships
  • Physical health
  • Personal development

DesigningIT - an international digital agency, focused on helping our customers find new customers and grow their business.

DesigningIT was established in 2003 by Austrian native Florian Auckenthaler. We work across borders in a wide range of industries with clients such as Gulfstream, Harvard and The US Government. The company is devoted to digital, result-focused to the core which translates into 10x marketing strategies that reaches, nurtures, and converts more customers, in more places.

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