How to Give Access to Google Analytics, Google Webmaster Tools, and Adwords in the NEW 2018 Interface

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Google Analytics, Search Console (Google Webmaster Tools), and Adwords are the key Google tools that you need to have in order to work with an online marketer or an online marketing agency. This guide explains how to grant your agency or SEO freelancer access to these tools.

How To Give Other People Access to Google Analytics

To add or modify users access, you need to have the "Manage Users" permission at the account, property, or view levels. You can add or change users at each level you have permission for.

How To Check if You Are Able to Give Another Person Access to GA

Only those who have access to manage users have the option “User Management” in the admin panel.

If you have access to edit users at the account level - you can grant access to the account, property, and view levels. If you have access to management at the view level, then you can give access only at this level.

For example, if you grant access to a user at the account level, this user will have access to all or any properties and views within the account with a similar set of permissions. If you add a user at the view level, then the user has access solely to the current view with the permissions granted. You'll be able to modify the level of access and permissions for the user at any time.

4 Easy Steps to Grant Someone Access to Google Analytics

We will show you how to give access to the account level.

Check out our 20-second video:

Or follow the screenshot instruction:

Log into your Google Analytics Account here:

Check out our 20-second video:

2. In "ACCOUNT" section select "User Management".

3. Add emails provided.

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